Listed here, are freely available Unix software packages I've written, and continue to maintain.
  • Skill is a program which sends signals to, or reprioritizes (snice), a set of processes given any combination of user names, ttys, commands, and pid's. It has been tested on pretty much every known Unix system. This is the current version of skill and its associated README file.
    	% md5 skill-4.1.4.tgz
    	MD5 (skill-4.1.4.tgz) = 0c9815d799ab1f22e3a8f8b252e3ed6f
    	% sum skill-4.1.4.tgz
    	51237 46 skill-4.1.4.tgz
    	% cksum skill-4.1.4.tgz
    	63903039 46349 skill-4.1.4.tgz
  • Xnetintf is an X11-based tool which manages a network interface. It provides a continuous visual reminder of network state, and an easy way to toggle it (i.e. bring the interface up or down). It allows for a interface-specific set of commands to be run after the state change completes, as well as a command line interface. It should run on any Unix system. This is the current version of xnetintf and its associated README file.
            % md5 xnetintf-1.9.tgz
            MD5 (xnetintf-1.9.tgz) = 463123c00545fb17b08659f78ccafb2c
            % sum xnetintf-1.9.tgz
            36380 24 xnetintf-1.9.tgz
            % cksum xnetintf-1.9.tgz
            4262280732 24007 xnetintf-1.9.tgz
  • Cammgr is feature-rich Unix-based web camera manager. Any number of cameras, each supplying any number of images, can be configured and managed. When using the Apache web server, image capture can be initiated on demand. All options are controlled through a configuration file. It has been tested on a wide variety of Unix machines. Also included is 'CamClient'; an applet that pulls images from a given URL and displays them at a user-selectable interval. In addition, CamClient allows the user to select from a set of configured cameras using a drop-down menu. CamClient is written in (and compiled with) JDK 1.0.2 for maximum browser compatibility. In addition, the 'phpssnap' program provides BSD Unix support for these popular USB webcams (on at least FreeBSD and probably NetBSD) using the Philips USB Webcam Driver for Linux. Also supported are Axis® network cameras, using either wget or the axmjpeg tool. This is the current version of cammgr and its associated README file.
            % md5 cammgr-1.5.tgz
            MD5 (cammgr-1.5.tgz) = 2f7217c5e441766140933920c9d58c42
            % sum cammgr-1.5.tgz
            52317 87 cammgr-1.5.tgz
            % cksum cammgr-1.5.tgz
            2827421164 88067 cammgr-1.5.tgz
  • Axmjpeg retrieves JPEG images from an MJPEG over HTTP stream that conforms to the Axis Video API, HTTP Interface Specification. Each captured JPEG image may be written to file or piped through to a shell command for further processing. Also supported are time-based retrievals, where one image per specified interval is captured (with connections optionally reestablished on demand for low-bandwidth pipes). Axmjpeg has been tested on a wide range of Unix systems. This is the current version of axmjpeg and its associated README file.
    	% md5 axmjpeg-1.4.tgz
    	MD5 (axmjpeg-1.4.tgz) = 7320e46ccd1eb2c4c061d7cae8f11730
    	% sum axmjpeg-1.4.tgz
    	12015 14 axmjpeg-1.4.tgz
    	% cksum axmjpeg-1.4.tgz
    	1795090710 14082 axmjpeg-1.4.tgz

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