It's Spring, and both water lilies have shot up a couple leaves. The iris in the background is very happy too. The parrot's feather hasnt started yet. We lost the 2 pickerel on the shelf in the forefront, we think, because we didnt put them on the bottom for over-Wintering. And, every minnow appears to have survived!

Another early Spring picture. We've since added 1 "Ghost Koi" and 7 goldfish (started with 11, but 4 of the feeders died within 3 days). We also added 4 tadpoles and a bunch more plants so stay tuned!

April showers... this little monsoon provides insight into how the overflow works. Rain water always rolls away from the pond since the edges are higher than the surrounding soil. The low spot is directly behind the skimmer box so any overflow is carried out there, over the mulch. Since the mulched area is still higher than the lawn, no water will enter the pond... instead, excess water simply pours out onto the lawn.

The guests are starting to arrive! This dragonfly stayed for quite awhile... when other dragonflies wandered over, this one would chase them away. I suspect this one was eventually chased away by a larger one.

This painted turtle did not stay long at all. He arrived on a very rainy day and, after this photo, was given a free ride to a nearby stream. After reading that turtles eat fish, we had to make a choice... the fishies won.

Here is one of the 4 tadpoles we put into the pond. This one has his hind legs already, and -- even though you cant see it in the photo -- that goldfish has a jealous expression on his little fish face.

Summer is coming, tails are going...

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