This year, I upgraded our pump from a 900 gallon/hour Diamond to a 1200 gallon/hour PondMaster MAG 12. Maybe it's my mid-life crisis? Some guys buy fast sports cars, others buy faster pond pumps. Actually, two of the impeller's busted off the Diamond and the company doesnt make replacement parts! So... I could have bought another Diamond for $40, or splurge on the MAG at $95. I know I made the right decision... the water falls look a lot better now.

You probably cant see them very well, but those are 3 cardinal eggs. A cardinal nested in the Japanese Pine that surrounds the pond. We watched as the birds hatched and left the nest, but alas, did not have time to take any photos of them. Maybe she'll come back again next year?

It's Summer again! I think the only difference you can see here is that we have replaced a water lily. The new one has pink flowers and adds a new color to the pond.

Stepping back a bit, you can see how the drought has taken its toll on the lawn. Any location that received full sun is now burnt out (not to worry, it always comes back in the Fall).

Feeding time!! There are 6 resident Comets, and 2 Koi, and a bunch of minnows; the Koi are the 2 larger fish toward the upper part of the photo. Even though you can't see them, the minnow population is thriving... so well that we had to relocate a bunch to a nearby stream.

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