The Winter of 2002 was off to a nice start. The light snowfall (and a long exposure setting) made for a serene setting. This was taken in early December.

I took three photos and could not decide which one looked best...

The last of the trilogy: from the deck looking out toward the garden path (i.e., the island of lights in the distance), the pond is to the right.

It's cold enough for a solid layer of ice to have formed, but apparently, not yet "jacket weather." The ice was about 3 inches thick here. Notice how the pond de-icer keeps the water flowing there by the pump inlet. The whiter ice was a result of (1) trapped air bubbles from the waterfall and (2) water poured by the waterfall to keep it from icing over. The fish will not be fed until Spring!

After 16 inches of snow fell, it was clear that this was not going to be any ordinary Winter! Underneath the snow, the water is running (for proof, I offer my footprints there by the waterfall).

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