The cardinals were back again! This year, they took up residence in a holly bush near the pond. One fine Saturday morning, they all took to the air for practice flights around the yard, while their parents screeched at them (and me, as I got kinda close for the picture).

Later in the Summer, a pair of Eastern Ribbon snakes slithered by. This one climbed up the weeping hemlock between the pond and deck. The snakes stayed for a month or so... they might still be around, we just haven't seen them for a couple weeks.

This picture is titled "Serpent Sous Une Chute D'eau" (or, "Snake Under A Waterfall"). One hot day, this "cool snake" came slithering out from under the waterfall and paused/posed long enough for me to capture this picture.

One of the kids touched this snake's tail... very exciting! He then took on the role of Harry Potter and began a conversation with his new friend. As I am not a parselmouth, I know not of what they spoke.

It's the beginning of fall. The water lettuce has grown to cover most of the pond. There's so much of it, I have to pull out chunks every week in order to feed the fish. That weeping hemlock in the lower right hand corner is the aforementioned "snake tree."

This is the left channel of the upper waterfall. Those rocks have been there a few years, and there is a lot of moss starting to take hold up there.

Finally, a close-up of the upper waterfall! I used a little mortar and rebuilt this earlier in the Spring (to get better flow over the falls). The water comes out between some rocks in the upper right hand corner. Birds are generally taking baths here, while squirrels and chipmunks often stop by for a drink on their trek across the yard.

Oh! And since I had 20 watts of unused power on the transformer, I added a couple 10-watt shell lights... the one pictured here illuminates the upper waterfall and reflects the rippling water at night.

And then Winter settled in...

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