I nearly didnt see this little tree frog. I saw something jump onto the deck and thought it was a leaf, but then it hopped away!

This Eastern Ribbon Snake stopped by for at least a day. It was lounging around on the rocks. Strangely, there are no longer any frogs in the pond. While this snake does eat frogs, we're pretty sure our frogs simply hopped off to a better pond.

This is the first time we ever cleaned out the pond. Capturing the fish was the biggest job. The trick was to pump out most of the water so they had no where to run!

I didnt bother to cover the 3 foot deep container that we put all the fish in. The Ghost Koi tried to make a run for it, and jumped out of the container and on to the deck. Fortunately, he was okay... tip of the day: keep contained Koi covered.

The pond is filling up again!

Here come the fish! We dechlorinated the water first, of course. As for the minnows, well, I'm not sure we managed to save each and every one, but the 6 Comets and 2 Koi came through the cleaning just fine.

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