The liner is in! There are actually 2 pieces of 45 MIL EPDM liner; A 15' x 20' piece in the hole and running half-way up the hill, and a 10' x 10' piece up where the waterfall will be. There's a 2 foot circular hole up there too, that will be the "upper pool".

My Mom and Dad came down to visit so I put them to work. We had to move that 350 pound boulder to its focal point. About 6" underneath the boulder is a cinder block (for support). There is also a piece of liner directly under the boulder to protect the main liner when we were pushing it into place. To get the boulder over there, we made a wooden bridge (where we are standing) and rolled the boulder down the hill, over the bridge and into its spot. We had no backup plan if the thing fell into the deeper hole... just very glad that it didn't.

Here come the rocks. No real plan here, just put them along the edges. The water in there is from a rainstorm.

More rocks. You can see a hole there in the forefront where the pre-filter will go.

We washed off the rest of the rocks and, in so doing, filled up the pond. All this water has to be pumped out, of course. Still, it was the first time it looked like a pond. My helpers headed back to Buffalo right around this time.
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