You can see the difference after my wife returned from vacation! Lotsa nice plants now and a couple of water lilies in the middle. Some plants are down on the floor of the pond (underwater), others like to live in the water (marginals) and later you'll see some of the nice plants and grasses surrounding the pond.

First flower on the water Lilly!

This frog moved in the same day that the water Lilly bloomed. He's been around for over a month now and seems content to stay. You can see a flower blooming on one of the floating plants in the foreground. Have to ask my wife what its called...

One Sunday morning, I peeked out the window and saw this Marsh Hawk perched on the big rock. I snapped this picture through the window. We were a little concerned about our frog, but he must have dove for cover since he popped back up after the hawk left.

I guess the hawk was just scoping out a place to get a drink...

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